Coaching & training for Corporate Sector

We are as good as our humans skills and abilities, limited only by ourselves and once we are inspired and empowered… all goals can be achieved with the principles and coaching provided by the organization to the employees be it new recruits, middle management and also senior leading teams.

Swapnil Karekar loves to understand and communicate with people. Humans are full of dreams, potential and growing abilities. Interacting with individuals and teams, clarifying the purpose, goal-setting, training various skills and coaching the principles of success and various concepts by Swapnil in a way that is inspiring and empowering brings the change needed to take your corporate training to next level.

Coaching and training for Educational Institutes, Banking and Financial Services, IT & ITES and other corporate sector is useful when done in way suitable for the specific individuals or organization for the specific situation. Be it faculty or student, Businessmen or Professionals, management trainees to CEOs and Board of Directors Swapnil would be ready to inspire and empower through coaching and training.

The objective and method: Personalized message and learning for the participants.

Aligning the personal and business growth in the given situation is of great value to both the participant as well as the organization. This may seem difficult but once done would make the coaching and training very useful for the personal growth of participants and forwarding the business to intended phase. Making all this subtle and meaningful, yet enthusiastic and fun for the participants is what Swapnil Karekar aims to do in the corporate training or coaching sessions and workshops.

Swapnil Karekar coaches the participants to balance their various roles as a person, training for skills and tools to grow as an employee and personally at work, family and social aspects. Coached to be happier and successful, the participants are willing to contribute more towards the organization, teams and personal performance.

Coaching , Training and Workshops for corporate

1. Success Principles - Principles from Happiness to Success

2. Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving – Have Fun With Life and Success

3. Team Building and Teamwork – Team wins and Teamers excel

4. Leadership and self improvement – Leaders Live a Legacy

5. Custom Developed Program – for the specific goals of team/organization.