I Love coaching students – Swapnil Karekar

Your educational organization does have its system of development and training for the students. As per your requirement to refresh and evolve to put some extra energy and tools for your students development we can conduct 1 to 3 days events for you.  Swapnil Karekar conducts workshops, seminars and keynote speeches that add to the self development and growth of students. This brings in the energy and transformation required to move the students to next level of their education and growth.

Coaching and workshops for Students

Students create a strong emotional and intellectual connection at the workshop with Swapnil and other participants. Swapnil Karekar shares real life incidents and situation from his own life and of others that make the student come out with their real emotions and open up as a person. He believes students have great potential and amazing dreams that make them each unique.

He gets to know them personally by discussing their current views and understanding their different aspects as a person also what is happening in and around their life. The most important discussion is about their real problems and issues that they want to understand and solve, some want to reach their dream career or clear their fears. The session is about them and their most important aspect which they feel at this phase of life.

Being transparent and true to oneself is what Swapnil brings out through the workshops and training. Facts and incidents that have real impact and show the true nature of success principles and growth is loved by the students. Students are full of energy and capacity. They need to be involved and engaged with latest information, concepts and technology.

Swapnil strives to bring in the most interaction which students always want. Growth is not one-button effect. Students need time and further interaction to fully use the coaching and training that they receive. He keeps in touch with the students with emails, tools and materials that they would find useful and motivating. Coaching and Training with Swapnil Karekar is interactive and full of energy. Every student feels involved and inspired, wanting to share his true views and ready to grow and progress.